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Teletherapy/Online Counseling is available.  Most insurers cover telehealth services for mental health care.  Please call your insurance carrier to verify coverage.

Our platform is HIPPA compliant, and protects your privacy and confidentiality.  Technology used for teletherapy is at no cost to you.

Clients can participate in sessions from home or any location determined appropriate by the client and their clinician.  You will need to use your computer or smart phone to communicate during online counseling.  Therefore a good internet connection or cell reception is recommended.

For my clients, please type this URL on your mobile browser or laptop.  You will need to download the VSee app. The room code for the VSee Clinic app is H77X2.

A message to my clients:

Dear Client,

I know that each day we wake up to news updates and an ever growing list of changes we are making in our lives. It can bring up a lot of fear, anxiety and even grief as plans are cancelled, social distancing happens and daily routines are completely shifted. I truly value our relationship and have developed a plan so we can continue to take care of your mental health during this time. I want to be a place of support through what you are going through.

As of today, all sessions will be moved to virtual sessions. We will no longer meet in my office. This is a temporary measure as the CoVid-19 will one day pass. We have three options moving forward based on your needs, all of which are secure and encrypted. You can utilize video sessions, phone sessions or text based therapy. I am happy to discuss the option that is best for you.

Research shows that virtual sessions is an effective form of psychotherapy. There are a few differences than what you experience in my office. You will need to find a space if at all possible that is quiet and where you feel comfortable to share. If you have a headset that will also help with reducing noise and distraction. Many people prefer video as we can see each other’s faces and expressions.

I also recognize that your schedule may look different, as does mine. While this is temporary, I want to discuss if our session time works for you or to explore how I can accommodate your needs. I want to be as flexible as possible as I know this is a crucial time for all of us to maintain some sense of normalcy, to get support when we are isolated and to continue working on our strengths to take care of our mental well being.

Please know, I am also doing things to care for myself so that I can be there for you fully. Please let me know if your session time still works for you and what form you prefer. Let me know if you need to hop on the phone to speak about a plan.

Once our plan is determined, I will send you a consent form via encrypted email.

I look forward to seeing you this week.


Natalie Cox Herndon, PhD

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